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The way people are selling their homes has changed a lot with the introduction of technology. The changes not only benefit the people who are looking to purchase but also those who are wishing to sell. Today, more than ever before, people are selling their homes to Real Estate Investment firms instead of going through the normal process with a Real Estate agent. These are some of the reasons why people are telling firms such as Tampa Cash Buyers to “Sell my house quickly!”

Sellers Get To Keep More of Their Money

The process of selling a home is rather expensive and you can lose a lot of money right off the top when you go the traditional route. There is a 6% commission on average you have to pay your agent when it sells, a 2% charge on average for the closing costs, and possibly even repairs to the home after an inspection. Real estate Investment firms such as Tampa Cash Buyers remove all of these costs for you since they pay for them. That results in more profit as the seller so you can use that money for your next home or investment.

Guaranteed Transactions

When working with a Real Estate agent, there are many things that can go wrong. The majority of transactions must have an appraisal after an offer has been made and accepted. This can change the amount of the offer that has been made which can result in you making less money. Additionally, it also makes the time of the transaction extend. Real Estate Investment firms tend to make all cash offers so they do not need an appraisal. There is also an inspection and a financing contingency that comes along with traditional buyers. With these, on average about 15% of offers fall through because of the inspection and the financier not being willing to finance for the buyers. With all cash offers from Tampa Cash Buyers, you do not have to worry about that.

Fast Turnaround Time

Before you can even get to inspections and appraisals, you have to get an offer on the table. With the traditional route, there are showings that need to be managed for each potential buyer. There is no way to tell how many showings you will need until you have an offer, unless you go through companies such as Pasco Cash Buyers. We just need one showing. With the traditional route, it also takes an average of 91 days to sell the home but that can range from more or less time. If you are looking to sell your home in Tampa Florida area, Tampa Cash Buyers can provide you an immediate cash offer.

If you are considering telling a Real Estate agent in the Tampa area to “Sell my home,” you may want to reconsider choosing that route. There are many benefits of using a Real Estate Investment firm in the area instead and more people are choosing that option because of the benefits. You can even choose the closing date for the transaction to make it fit your schedule instead of going with the timeline of the buyers offer. You simply get to keep more of your money, complete the transaction quickly, and make it work for your schedule. There is no better way to sell your home because no other option provides as many benefits to the seller.

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